Lily and Tulip Plants Delivered!

Easter Lily flowerFlower Angels USA proudly delivered 36 lily and tulip plants generously donated by the Brewster Baptist Church and the Unity Church, Hyannis.

Patients at the Cape Regency Nursing Home were delighted to receive these thoughtful (and colorful) plants. The potted plants will provide long-lasting “floral love” to these patients.

Grace, our Flower Angel, says a BIG thank you to the Brewster Baptist Church and the Unity Church for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Now…Donate online through PayPal

donate-buttonFlower Angels USA is proud to announce that donors can now donate right on our website! We know that many people are moved to hear our story of bringing “floral love” to patients who are otherwise lonely and forgotten.

When you click on the button, you will go directly to our online donation page. You can select the amount to donate. You can choose a one-time donation or make a monthly or annual gift.

Once you fill out the donation form, you will go to the PayPal site where the donation will be completed.

Don’t have a PayPal account?

You can still donate using a credit card.

Are donations tax deductible?

We are a 501c3 charitable organization, so  donations are tax deductible. We are proud to be a charitable organization founded by a fifth-generation Cape Codder, serving Cape Codders.

Does my donation stay on Cape Cod?

Yes! 100% of all money donated stays right here. Won’t you consider making a donation today?

Volunteer Applications Available Now

Mara-arranging-flowersInterested in becoming a Flower Angel USA volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers to help us on our mission of spreading some “floral love” on Cape Cod.

A lot of different jobs needing doing…

Flowers need to be picked up from our donors. Donated flowers need to be disassembled and sorted. New bouquets need to be made. Created bouquets need to be delivered. Office staff needs to coordinate volunteers, work with nursing homes and caregivers…

What are you good at? What do you want to help with?

Regardless of your interests, we have a job that you can do for us to further our mission.

You will never regret giving a few hours to someone who needs to know that they are cared for and thought about.

Join us today!

You can download an application and a liability waiver here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Donate Your Flowers to Patients on Cape Cod!

Flower Angels USA was founded on the idea that perfectly good flowers and lonely patients were a match made in heaven.

Cape Cod has over 2000 nursing home beds. Our population is older – and many people retire and live out their lives here, away from family and friends. When they need care, there is sometimes few people to visit. That’s where the idea for Flower Angels USA came from. Bring a bouquet to someone who can use a little “floral love” right here on Cape Cod. [Read more…]

65 Bouquets Donated in Memory of…

flower angels arranging bouquetsFlowerAnglesUSA recently delivered 65 bouquets donated in memory of founder Suzanne Carter’s mother.

“We are hoping that people will think of this as a unique, thoughtful way to honor someone,” said Carter. “What a wonderful thing to do to! You’re happy that your loved one is being honored, and patients who might otherwise have no flowers get a fresh bouquet delivered with love by a volunteer Flower Angel.”

[Read more…]

Donate to Celebrate

bouquet with rosesWant to make a truly memorable day even more special?

Consider donating your flowers after your wedding reception is over.

All those flowers that you spent so much time picking out and were such a special part of your wedding…they can brighten someone’s day long after your reception is over.
[Read more…]

Flower Angels USA is proud to be GREEN


Did you know that Flower Angels USA is GREEN?

We get a lot of flowers. Most of them are perfectly fine and ready to be reassembled into fabulous bouquets. But some flowers and greens are not vase-worthy. Do we throw them away? Of course not! All of our leftover flowers, stems, and greens are composted. [Read more…]