woman-vase-flowersWe LOVE our Flower Angels USA volunteers!

No matter what your skills, there is some way for you to help us in our mission to deliver flowers to people who need them most.

There are many ways to help. We’ve listed a few below. If you want more information about volunteering, please contact us.

Flower Pickup and Delivery

Pickup volunteers travel to our donors, pick up the donated flowers, and bring them back to our flower room and offices in West Dennis. You are the heroes that we need to get bouquets made!

Delivery volunteers take the complete bouquets to patients. You are the heart of our operation – and our official Flower Angels!

Flower Angel Bouquet Creators

Even if you’ve never put a flower in a vase before, we will turn you into Bouquet Creators! We make it easy (and lots of fun) to turn buckets of flowers and greens into bouquets that will cheer patients.

Volunteers disassemble floral arrangements, sort flowers, and then create a Flower Angels USA original!

Vase Wranglers

To create all these Flower Angels USA originals. we need vases. Glass, ceramic, plastic – it doesn’t matter as long as they are in reasonably good shape. If you can wash them before drop off, it’s appreciated. If you can’t, that’s okay too.

Vases can be dropped off at our office at our shop located at 851 Route 28, Unit 3, South Yarmouth, MA. Just call ( 508-280-9869) to set up a time so we can make sure that someone is there to meet you. And since you’re coming anyway, how about asking your friends and neighbors if they have any vases to donate. Everyone usually has a few stuck in the back of a shelf. Why not put them to good use?

Office Whiz

Are you fabulous on the computer? Can you answer phones? Organize events that have everyone talking (and donating)? Then we can use your help around the office. From answering phones to working with donors, your skills are very much the glue that keeps us together.

We need people with computer skills to upload photos, write letters, and track expenses and donations. Phone calls need to be made (and you love to talk on the phone, right?).

Event and party planners

We want to host fund-raisers and could use some help. With your connections and party-planning experience, we know our events will be a great success.

Download an application and waiver today!

23 Volunteer Application and Waiver